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Job opportunity: Senior Soil Carbon Scientist

Senior Soil Carbon Scientist at Regrow

New Hampshire or Remote (US or Aus)

With our changing climate, the sustainability of our planet and primarily our food resources is a problem growing exponentially for all of us. The team at Regrow is on a mission to give farmers and food growers around the world valuable insights to optimize their growing conditions in pursuit of solving crop failures and food shortages. How are we going to take on this audacious challenge? With science and a vision to solve how a land mass behaves to cool the earth. We’re currently monitoring 26 million acres of land in over 45 countries, so we’re on our way to a more sustainable planet. With this, we have a beautiful group of customer fans who are industry leaders and we’re looking for a Senior Soil Carbon Scientist to be the technical expert in helping those customers achieve great results with our products. Check us out on TEDx and TechCrunch for a preview of what we can do for our customers.

This is a unique opportunity at a company on a path to huge growth and success. It’s not every day you can join a company and meaningfully contribute to a better future of our planet and humanity. You’ll be applying your skills to accelerate the digital agriculture revolution on a global basis! Won’t this be a fun story to tell someday?!

In this key role, you will have an opportunity to:
  • Work with the DNDC science and remote sensing science teams to develop and implement algorithms that will help improve soil management practices nationally and internationally
  • Analyze large remotely sensed, geospatial datasets for agriculture and rangeland applications
  • Develop algorithms to generate soil sampling schemes for large and complex conservation and soil sampling projects
  • Develop and implement algorithms that support measurement, reporting and verification of carbon and ecosystem service outcomes to support natural climate solutions
  • Develop techniques for rapid soil carbon quantification, researching soil carbon stabilization/cycling,
  • Research the affects of soil carbon on mitigating the impacts of climate change on agriculture
    Work closely with engineering to implement and parametrize mechanistic models (DNDC) to scale internationally
  • Assist with the development of case studies and reports by providing insight into soil health and soil carbon processes modeled by DNDC 

For further information and application details visit:

Job Application for Senior Soil Carbon Scientist at Regrow (

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